Utsav Kraft Handmade multicolored Cheriyal Sawdust Woman Face Mask (19 cm x 8 cm x 17 cm)

Rs. 599
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This Handmade product from the house of Utsav Kraft is made of clay material and comes in multicolor. Furthermore, it is recommended to be kept away from extreme heat, fire and corrosive liquids to avoid any form of damage.

These masks really are miniatures of what must have been life-size, rather face-size, in earlier years. Wandering story-tellers used these masks in traditional storytelling when they traveled from village to village.

They are used as decorative items for the home or on your desktop. They add an eye-popping splash of color to a dull corner, brightening it immediately.

  • Material: Clay
  • Colour: Multi-coloured
  • Package Content:1 Cheriyal Masks
  • Size Dimension (L x W x H): 19 cm x 8 cm x 17 cm
  • Care Instructions: Clean it with soft cloth