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  • Material: Cotton Patchwork and 100% Recycled Paper Inside
  • Bound: Hand Stitched Bound
  • "Page Description: Natural Shade, Perforated pages, 100% cotton paper
  • Beautifully designed with recycled pages and an exquisite cover. It is 100% handmade and traditionally styled with a string closer. Eco-friendly and practical, our exclusive stationery product can be used to draw, sketch, work, make to-do lists, work agendas, etc. Optimized for gifting purposes, it could also be given to an acquaintance or loved one, as a gesture of warmth and affection. Its ethnic look represents the aesthetic handwork of India. Women artisans from various rural regions are involved in creating this beautiful piece. The sales proceeds provide support to their livelihood and well-being.

100% Cotton Notebook Handcrafted Special Binding Buddha Printed Book (Green)

₹599.00 Regular Price
₹499.00Sale Price
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