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  • All Over Rajasthani Work
  • Material:Wood
  • Multi-color
  • Height: 8cm; Length: 10 cm; Breadth: 5.5 cm; Weight: 0.165Kg
  • Hand Painted
  • An elephant is a very strong and powerful animal, it is able to overcome any obstacle placed in its way. It has special qualities like-obedience to the master's call, the ability not to repeat past mistakes, and respect and care towards their peers. This marvellous piece by Handicrafts paradise denotes the qualities of the elephant in a magnifying manner. The sturdiness of high quality metal shows the strength of the elephant. The welcoming upwards trunk shows respect for the master and the lovely enamel work in red brings out the beauty of the artifact. The royal blue colour adds to the royalty and novelty of the product. The radiance and the shine are very attention seeking. This can be used to beautify your interiors or can be a good gifting option

3" Elephant Statue with Rajasthani Painting work

₹899.00 Regular Price
₹699.00Sale Price
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