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  • Money saving box inspired by antique designs
  • Handmade bamboo Wood Money Piggy Bank Coin Box Birthday Gifts for Kids, Boys, Girls & Adult
  • Coin Box - A product to encourage kids to save up
  • An elegant gift for all occasions
  • This is a Coin Bank Money Saving Box, you can keep all of those coins saved for a rainy day or teach a child the importance of saving in a stylish way. This Coin Bank Money Saving Box is inspired by the designs of antique money banks and pirates' treasure chests. Fashioned out of sheesham wood, this decorative coin bank or vacation piggy bank has a handsome natural wood finish, which is brightened by hand-fashioned brass inlays. A coin slot at the top makes it easy to add coins, and the opening is covered with a brass ornament for extra durability. Unlike other banks for kids and adults, this Coin Bank Money Saving Box doesn't have to be broken or destroyed to get the coins inside. This Coin Bank Money Saving Box is completely handmade from start to finish, making it of much finer quality than other banks for kids and adults. The money saving box is crafted in north India, where some of the finest woodworkers of North India have resided for generations. Whether it's used as a piggy bank for girls or boys, a vacation piggy bank or a simple coin bank for your rainy day savings, this money saving box is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Save up change in the perfect vacation piggy bank or give the gift of a piggy bank for girls or boys that can be passed on to future generations! Order this Coin Bank Money Saving Box today.

Handmade Beautiful Bamboo Wooden Piggy Bank | Money Bank

₹899.00 Regular Price
₹699.00Sale Price
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