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Lord Buddha started Buddhism, a cult which follows non-violence and peaceful existence. Buddhism is widely practiced in India, Sri Lanka,China, Tibet, Nepal and several other countries.The cranial bump on the Buddhas head, also called ushnisha, stands for special wisdom. The urna, a round tuft of hair between the eyebrows, indicating supernatural vision, short curled hair, indicating nobility.Buddha head represents cool and calm mind. This is beautifully crafted idol of brass. Bring it home and get the divine blessings of the Lord. It is crafted from brass with a highly polished look. Carved intricately with fine details. Be sure to fill your life with happiness and prosperity if you gift it to your loved ones or if you own one for yourself.. People who desire to acquire the qualities of courage and confidence.This item is brand new and it is a great item for every occasion.


  • Material:Brass; Colour:Gold;
  • Care : Do not clean with harsh chemicals
  • Made of good Quality Brass
  • Height:16cm,Length:12cm, Weight: 1.36 Kg
  • Can be placed in Show Case or in home temple,or as gift item

Utsav Kraft Brass Buddha Face Statue-Gold Color, Elegant Brass handicrafts

₹1,499.00 Regular Price
₹1,199.00Sale Price
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